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An SSD drive makes a HUGE difference on your laptop or PC…

Recently, SSD disk drives have become much more affordable than they used to be not so long ago so I decided to test what it would look like on my laptop. Continue reading “An SSD drive makes a HUGE difference on your laptop or PC…”

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Copying a file multiple times on the same folder using bash command line in linux

After a while with no new entries I am using this blog again as a personal notebook of useful tricks or code snippets I need to use from time to time.
In this case, I need to test a new 4Tb hard disk drive that I have just received making use o…

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Documenting EeePCs S.O. upgrade to dual boot system with Linux Mint 12 (Gnome / MATE) without partitioning HD.




General description of the process

Technical procedures description

Step by step description of system install and cloning of the units

Procedures to be repeat…

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Word challenge App: learn how to pronounce and spell 800 high frequency words in English


Word Challenge is an app meant to help learn 800 high frequency words in English, their pronunciation and spelling. The program is divided into 32 levels, each having 25 words. To practice the 800 words, you can choose between 3 modes:

  • Practice: This mode will show you the 25 words of the current level, in alphabetical order. By pressing the “Listen” button, you can listen how it’s pronounced as many times as you need. In this mode, you can access any level in any order.
  • Random: In this mode you will have the 25 words shuffled, with a blank space, that is, a letter has been taken away so it has to be filled. This mode is considered a “Practice mode”, where you can try any level, however, you won’t receive any trophies.
  • Write: Here you won’t see the words at all, but you will still be able to listen to them. Your objective is to type the whole word correctly. This is also considered a “Test” mode, which will award you with trophies based on your score. In this mode, levels should be taken in the order they have been previously setup.

Continue reading “Word challenge App: learn how to pronounce and spell 800 high frequency words in English”

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Create and manage your own cloud server with raspberry pi

If you know nothing about Raspberry Pi, perhaps now it is the time to start reading and finding out a little more about it. It is a cheap, small, but powerful computer that you can buy from $35. Well, it is true that if you buy all the stuff th…

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