Hi there! Are you going to take the A+ certification exams and you don´t know where to start studying?

Well I was there too, and that is why now that I’ve passed the exams, I’m sharing my personal notes* and resources that helped me study. Below you will find my notes (listed by chapters and content), practice exams, sample questions and reference to additional notes from other sites.

So this being said, lets get to it shall we?

Note : All my notes are based off Mike Meyer’s book, experience and different websites.


These are the links to the different chapters in my personal notes.

DISCLAIMER : My notes cover the main points and facts that you will need to know for the exam, however take into consideration that this does not replace a textbook, this is just something to help you review for the exam, therefore is required to have some basic knowledge of the parts of the PC and what they do, for this to be useful.

220-801 Exam Chapters :

  1. Operational Procedures
  2. The Visible PC
  3. Visible Networks
  4. Microprocessors
  5. RAM
  6. BIOS
  7. Motherboards
  8. Power Supplies / PSU
  9. Hard Drives
  10. Implementing Hard Drives
  11. Removable Media
  12. Input Devices
  13. Video
  14. Local Area Networking
  15. Wireless Networking
  16. Portable Computing
  17. Printers
  18. Securing Computers

220-802 Exam Chapters :

  1. Visible Windows
  2. Installing and Upgrading Windows
  3. Windows From the Inside
  4. NTFS, Users and Groups
  5. Maintaining and Optimizing Windows
  6. Command Line
  7. Troubleshooting Windows
  8. The Internet
  9. Multimedia
  10. Virtualization



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