Hi guys!

Welcome back to my blog! Today I bring you a little piece of a project I’m currently working on. It’s called “Guess the Letter” and is a little game that gives you a word, with a blank space, and you have to complete it. It’s still a very alpha version, but that doesn’t mean we cannot have some fun with it right?

The game is being developed on Game Maker (link), a very easy-to-get-into tool that allows you to make whatever game comes through your mind (almost). Its best suited for 2D game development, even thought with some workarounds you can make some 3D games. The game offers you the possibility of doing a drag-and-drop programming , or use simple (and very powerful) code. It’s great for someone interested in getting into game developing but with not much knowledge of the basic programming languages. You can develop the whole game with that only tool if you really wanted to, you can edit sprites, create objects, rooms, … in a very simple manner.

For anybody interested I will be posting some of my thoughts and how I made the game as I develop it, so if you’re interested be sure to check it out!

So if you have any thoughts on the game (link for download below) leave a comment and be sure to check out Game Maker!


Have fun!


Guess the Letter – Download


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