My name is Rafael Alba. I started my career as an Educator in 1990 as an 8th grade teacher in Spain. Since then, I have had the opportunity of moving around, trying different things and different jobs, educational levels from Elementary to High School, and also a variety of roles. But all of them have always been related to learning, teaching and education.

I have had the privilege of learning and teaching in three different countries: Spain (my home country), Italy and U.S.A. I want to believe that I am fluent in all three languages (Spanish, Italian and English).

This blog is aimed at sharing my Personal Learning Network, my Projects, my knowledge and my ideas with all the people who may be interested in some of the things I am also interested in. You are welcome to post your comments and send your opinion about my prospective posts. I hope they will be useful and interesting for my visitors.

See you in the virtual world.


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