Randomizer: random name picker app

App Home Screen

Developed using MIT App Inventor 2, this is my “random name picker app”: “Randomizer”,


  • It allows to load rosters for up to 8 periods plus Advisory class.
  • The app will randomly “call” a student name selecting a period that has previously been loaded with students names.
  • The teacher can “skip” the current name if necessary.
  • The teacher can click on a button or just “shake” the device to call the student name.
  • It works with Android devices only.

Version log:

  • Version 1 (01/09/2018):
    • Added: Randomize numbers up to 100 (default is 1 to 20).
    • Added: Randomize letters (preloaded alphabet).
    • Added: Selection menu (list picker).
  • Version 1.1 (01/07/2020):

    • Added text to speech to random letters.
    • Added text to speech to random numbers.
    • Keep screen on when random name picker screen is active.
    • Confirm exit in random name picker screen.
    • Allow user activate / deactivate accelerometer sensor.
    • Added “reload” button in random name picker screen.
    • Added “Roll the dice” tool.
    • Added predefined timers
    • Solved timer issues


The app is free for personal use. This software comes with absolutely no warranty. Use at your own risk. To install this app in your Android device, you should temporarily authorize third party apps (unknown sources). The app does not require any special permissions apart from read / write access to the apps folder to permanently write and read the students names from a text file. Please verify by your own means (antivirus or similar software) that the app you are downloading does not contain any unwanted code.

If you do not agree with the conditions stated above, please do not download nor use the app.

Version 1.1. File verification (updated 01/07/2020):

  • File name: RandomizerV1_1.apk
  • MD5 checksum: 05b21ac78a4458acb0913a81d76f2cbe
  • SHA-1 checksum: c7c60dcf478caaf07394ce7deeea8792ffc64675


More screen captures:

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