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BLENDed Learning Summit. Austin ISD. May 2017.
Why coding is a must-have skill in Elementary Classrooms.
Digital Citizenship in a Dual Language Classroom. Developing responsible and autonomous learners.

¡Adelante! Conference. AAABE. April 2017.
Developing 21st Century skills in Elementary Schools.
Technology and coding in a dual language classroom.

Tech Tools for tomorrow and the next day. SHRC, Austin ISD. January 2017.
HMH ThinkCentral: Math and Science Textbooks… ONLINE!

Summer Science Institute Austin ISD. August 2015.
Collaborative work using 2.0 tools.
Flip your Science class.

Feria para aprender. Austin ISD. February 2015.
Multiple Uses of Technology in a 2nd grade, DL classroom


Elementary Science: Integrating Tech in the Arc of Lesson

“Mobile” APPs for different areas

Articles and Publications (in Spanish)

VirtuaMag Leganés, la revista virtual (1998)
[VirtuaMag Leganes, the virtual magazine]

Arrancar el sistema desde un pendrive (usb flash disk) con Knoppix Linux (2006)
[Boot your system from an usb flash disk pendrive with Knoppix Linux]

Monográfico: Gestión de la Intranet del Centro (2007)
[How to manage the school Intranet]

Aprender a programar… ¿desde pequeños? (2008)
[Learning how to code… from early childhood]

Diseño de presentaciones y Recursos en línea (2008)
[How to design presentations and online resources]

Iniciándose en la programación con Scratch (2008)
[Learning how to code with Scratch]

Tecnología y enseñanza de las lenguas: 101 herramientas que trabajan para nosotros entre clase y clase (2008)
[Technology and language learning: 101 tools that work for you between lessons]

Recursos en línea para la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera (Edición 2012)
[Online resources for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language]

Textos para las Secciones Españolas en Italia (2012)
[Selection of passages for the Spanish Bilingual Sections in Italy]

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