Math Fluency Practice Sheets Generator

Math fluency practice sheets generator


Current version: 3.0 (12/10/2016)

What it does

The page will generate math fluency practice sheets with operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, exact division) up to four digits.

How to use it

First you start by setting up the basic options about number of operations (limited to a maximum of 15) and the number of digits (4 at the moment). Then you choose the operations you want to include in your practice sheet. The ones that are working better at this very moment are addition and subtraction, being multiplication and division the ones that may need some more improvements in the near future.

For addition and subtraction you can select activities with or without regrouping, or a mix of both. You can also select the “show regrouping” option that will mark the operations that have been randomly generated and need regrouping.

Last but not least you can add more options to your worksheet. First, if you want to have the answer page with all operations already calculated for you. Then, a “self-correction table” that help students verify their results and help the teacher check for understanding. You can also create a practice sheet with “missing parts” instead of the regular number sentences / equations that would require the prospective totals.

Finally, the “OD font” option stands for the availability of your practice sheet using the OpenDyslexic font that maybe useful for specific students.


  1. Addition with regrouping, two digits.
  2. Subtraction with regrouping, two digits. Show regrouping option active.
  3. Addition and subtraction with regrouping. Two digits. ODfont activated.
  4. Addition and subtraction with regrouping. Two digits. Missing parts.
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