It’s not about the tool, it’s about the project. However, the tool counts too…

Although I’ve always thought that depending on third-party tools is never a good idea, it is also true that it is almost impossible to be able to maintain your tech tools based only on projects you can host under your own means…

Last summer I had (again) the privilege of being a member of Austin ISD’s Curriculum Writers Cadre, as I worked with the Elementary Science Curriculum team basically providing support about tech and tech tricks. I have to say that all the team members are tech-savvy people, so the job becomes harder every year, and I learn so much from them every time we meet.

Anyway, one of my tasks during the meetings was creating a virtual “poster” putting together different tech tools that may be used during the arc of the lesson. This is what came out after some research and other team members’ tips. I think it is worth sharing it publicly and, hopefully, science teachers will find it useful when planning their lessons.

Any feedback will be welcome.

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