Coding club. Days 2, 3, 4 and 5.

A lot of work has been done since our last post… Lack of time and problems with the hosting provider (the site was down for almost a week, sorry about that) are to blame for not adding the new information.

We spent day 2 finishing the Minecraft Adventurer puzzles and started the Minecraft Designer ones.

Day 3 was mainly a review of the concepts and an introduction to the Scratch environment using Nearpod.

Days 4 and 5 are our really hand on days. Students started coding their games based on the book “Code your own games! 20 games to create with Scratch“.

The goal is to let them learn while they develop new ideas and start designing how to tweak the original games to include new features, new graphics or sprites, new challenges, new goals…

And they are doing good! They are working in pairs (one group has three students) and they are already doing things like this

Pantallazo-2017-04-14 17-22-18
So proud of these guys!

And all my gratitude to all the people involved who are making it possible with their support week after week:


  • Mark Adams. Developer.
  • Sergio Alba. Computer Science student.


  • Ingrid Myers. Kindergarten teacher.
  • Heather Stephens. Librarian.
  • Patricia Castro. 3rd grade teacher.
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