Visual discrimination activities

Letters and more - front pageThese last years I have had several students who had some issues identifying certain letters we are all aware of… Mainly in primary levels some of them find confusing the following patterns: b vs. d, p vs. q…

So I decided I could implement a simple online “game” that might help them by practicing certain visual discrimination activities.

The “game” is available in English and Spanish. I know there are some issues with certain browsers, so please let me know if you find any problem with any of the versions.

The “level” refers to the score required to move from one level to another. It starts by distinguishing different images (arrows, emojis…) that “point towards” different sides (up, down, right, left). Then, it continues with simple b / d, p / q identification among a set of letters. Finally, it shows an array of letters and the student has to identify the specific letter in a set of mixed combinations.

If you find it useful, please provide any feedback in the comments below. If not, please let me know what you think I could add to make it more useful. You know, summer is a great time for spending some time coding… 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!!

Letters and more - front pagePantallazo-2017-06-14 18-16-04 Pantallazo-2017-06-14 18-15-45 Pantallazo-2017-06-14 18-16-20 Pantallazo-2017-06-14 18-16-57

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