What I have learned from “blending” my class this year (1)

What blended learning looks like: student centered learning

I am planning to share and update what I am learning about my “personalized-learning” / “blended-learning” classes this year in this blog. This is my first, introductory post.

If I have to define my proposal for this year, I should say that I am following a sort of “flex” model. But it is also flexible in the sense that I am not delivering EVERYTHING online. I am also trying to use paper and pencil when necessary. Obviously, I also try to analyze students’ performance and determine which things they struggle with. In this way, I can provide mini-lessons that can help them improve in their learning.

Information about “blended-learning”:

I would also like to try the “stations” model. A colleague has shared her experience using this approach and I like it too.

This video explains some concepts related to blended-learning and its benefits.

More information coming soon…

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