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I recently found Flippity and now it has become one of my favorite tools. It allows you to create a lot of activities related to vocabulary and definitions.

It is based on different Google Spreadsheets templates that you can use to generate on line and printed content. It is really easy to use: you download the template (actually, make a copy of it in your own Google Drive), change / edit / modify the data, publish it and get a link to show the activities. “Magically”, you get a set of flashcards (Quizlet style, with voice in different languages also included) and a whole bunch of activities related to the word set you have just created.

This is a customized example (Spanish-English), this is a demo and these are the frequently asked questions, that will probably help you to get things done.

Some of the activities you can find are: flashcards, list of terms and definitions (on line with sound or printer friendly), practice (to write the words), matching, word cloud, bingo, crossword, hangman, memory game, word search and printed quiz.

Use it once and you will love it. And probably your students too…

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