Using Google Forms to create surveys, quizzes… and much more!

When you have to gather information from different people, Google Forms is an useful tool that helps you store and manage all the information in a single place, where you can easily find it, analyze it, even share it if you want.

This short video introduces some of the possibilities Google Forms offer:

Google Forms also allows you to create (self-grading!) quizzes and other assessment tools. This is a (perhaps a bit complex) example of how to create them:

But this is a very simple idea on how to pre-assess your student’s knowledge about a certain skill…:

If you want to know more about this incredible tool, you can access Google Doc’s help pages at:

And don’t forget to have a look at the Anchor of Support for Google Forms that the Austin ISD’s Instructional Specialists have already prepared for us:

One more hint for today. Some of you may have concerns on how to share documents, calendars… with other people (or with your students). When we share a document, we can choose who can only view, who can comment and who can have edit rights on the documents or items. This is a simple guide to "how to share" that may be helpful when deciding what is the best choice when setting permissions on our documents:

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