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In our previous post we talked about Google Forms and the different ways we can use those to collect information or create simple assessments. It is relevant to know that all the information that is provided through the Form can be kept in a Google Sheet.

Then, what is a Google Sheet?

A Google Sheet is the Google online equivalent to its Microsoft Office counterpart, Excel. It is a worksheet, that is, a file made of rows and columns that help:

  • sort data,
  • arrange data,
  • calculate numerical data.

It can use mathematical formulas based on the data in its cells. That is the main advantage of using a worksheet instead of a standard document created with a word processor (or a Google Doc, in this case).

As always, we can find an "Anchor of support" on Austin ISD’s Instructional Technology website, under the Google folder:

Basic uses of Google Sheets may be related to:

  • Maintaining student data (personal and grades).
  • Analyzing and converting grades.
  • Recording specific dates, comments, notes or interventions.

The following presentation, delivered by a Google trainer in August 2015, during Austin ISD’s Summer Science Institute, explains a way to use a mail-merge feature using Google Docs, Google Sheets and a Google Add-on called "Autocrat". And being an online tool is really powerful because it would allow you, for example, to send an e-mail to each person that completes your surveys with the resulting combined document…

In the same presentation you can also learn how to share a sheet locking edition rights and visibility permissions to certain users, by combining two different sheets that share the data. Very useful when we have different teachers entering data into the same sheet but we do not want anyone to mess up with other people’s data…

This is the link to the presentation with many other useful "tricks and treats" for Google Sheets users:

Enjoy your Google Sheet challenges!

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