Documenting EeePCs S.O. upgrade to dual boot system with Linux Mint 12 (Gnome / MATE) without partitioning HD.


  • Introduction
  • Motivation
  • General description of the process
  • Technical procedures description
  • Step by step description of system install and cloning of the units
    • Procedures to be repeated in all units for basic dual boot setup
    • Procedures to be used only in the master unit for imaging purposes
    • Procedures to clone the virtual disks in the different units
  • Basic performance tests carried out so far
  • Instructional use of the units under the new configuration
  • Intended instructional use of the units after testing period
  • Problems found and solutions adopted
  • How to undo the whole process in the units
  • Links used to download the software
  • Useful information links
  • Hardware description

Link to full document.

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