Google Slides

Google Slides is the Google App alternative to other Presentation tools such as Microsoft Powerpoint or LibreOffice Impress.

You can create your own presentation using Slides or you can import presentations you have already created by uploading them to your Google Drive and then editing the file with Slides.

With Google Slides, Teachers can:

  • Showcase student work on a class website using embedded presentations
  • Create templates that outline specific topics for student presentations
  • Publish how-to presentations with screenshots and videos
  • Design certificates to print or to send electronically

Students can:

  • Create a slideshow with images for a class project
  • Collaborate easily with a group to create a presentation
  • Make a storyboard for a video project
  • Design a comic strip to visualize a complex topic

The advantage of using Slides instead of other desktop apps is that students can share their work online with their teachers and peers (setting permissions to allow only their classmates to see their work) and teachers do not need to send any files as they should only share the direct link to the presentation once they have granted the appropriate permissions.

The following is a 5 min. video created by a teacher to show her students how to use Slides and to give them some specific directions about how their presentations should look like:

As usually, Austin ISD’s Instructional Technology Specialists have prepared an interesting Anchor of Support to let us start using Slides really quickly:

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